Francesca started teaching Circus skills in 2009 with Cirque Nova Ltd, working first with challenging youth and then specializing with Circus and disabilities.

In 2011 started teaching at the National Centre for Circus Arts, London. Where she developed several skills: empathy, authenticity, appreciation of everyone’s ability and personality, last but not least, perspective, which can contribute to a pleasant learning environment. A basic circus trainer shows leadership and interpersonal skills.
In addition, the basic circus trainer is expected to always strive for improvement by regularly reflecting on, evaluating and adapting their work.

I am able to understand & demonstrate:
– basic level of technical and artistic skills across the four circus disciplines
– how to teach in a creative way and to stimulate creativity
– how to create and manage a group dynamic, taking care of the physical and emotional safety of the group and the individual
– how to teach circus at a basic level to a heterogeneous group over a short term period
– the ability to self-evaluate and rationalize progress