A short selection of Francesca’s shows

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  • Reflections poster


    Classic clown routine with a female twist

    Duration: 8-10 min

    Clown routine with audience participation.

    This piece fools around with the concepts of gender, in an innocent and playfull way.

    With this piece, Francesca took part to the 2014 International women clown, Barcelona.

  • Vesperi

  • Vesperi poster


    Knife Manipulation act

    Duration: 5-6 min

    Breathtaking performance depicting what lies in the privacy of the household.

    Francesca trough this piece wants to explore the dark side of life;
    like all her work, this piece navigates through genres, playing with the established boundaries between social and private, between high arts and crafts; the performer wants to investigate common places, everyone’s origins, where emotions, feelings and metaphysical are expressed physically and with everyday objects, filched from life creating archetypal, allegorical visions.

  • Mushroom Lake

  • mushroom lake poster

    Mushroom Lake

    Commedy clown piece, with audience participation.

    Duration:10 min

    Daydreaming of finally dancing the swan lake, being the Prima ballerina…who hasn’t daydreamed of success?

    Delicate clown piece.

  • Isolation

  • magic hoop poster


    Isolation hoop routine.

    Duration: 4-5 min;

    This clever manipulation routine can be tailored to the needs of the performance.
    Be ready to be amazed by the mesmerazing-magical quality of this hoop manipulation.


  • Comparing

  • fra queen poster


    "She did a great job of leading us through the performances, adding some light-hearted comedy to the proceedings"
    Caroline King, Contrary Life

    Fra’s long experience in comparing for countless cabarets and her various characters will captivate you.



    With a choice of eccentric characters, tailored to fit the venue and occasion, she revolutions the idea of comparing.


    IMG_1834 queen-comp